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Cool Kids

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We are COOL, we are different

A wide range of eau de colognes especially designed for children. Each scent hides a character, a story and a game.

With Cool Kids, children can live a thousand adventures, learn values and get to know the world through original and fantastic characters that will accompany them during the day. 

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Discover our Cool Kids World

Each scent hides a character, a story, a game and a new way of turning the ordinary into extraordinary. Choose from 12 different and original fragrances.

Do you want to be an adventurer? Explorer? Pilot? Designer? You decide!

Play and learn

Cool Kids

This innovative product line, specifically designed for children between 4 and 14 years, has been developed with the aim of introducing daily hygiene habits to the little ones, through fun packaging and original fragrances. Cool Kids educates and stimulates their imagination using characters and products catered to their needs.