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Considered the “tranquilizer of nature”.
Lavender grows in the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean area, but due to its great use in
phytotherapy is also cultivated in France and Bulgaria. It blooms in summer and its buds, purplish blue
color, are grouped in spikes that give off an intense aroma. The Egyptians smeared the canvases with
which they mummified the dead with lavender oil. And in ancient Greece, in Rome and Persia lavender
was used to perfume the baths and take care of clothes. From the twelfth century spread throughout
Europe its use as a flavoring, was used for grooming and beauty. And already in the Middle Ages,
began to be used in medical and pharmacy faculties, in addition, lavender had an advantage over
other medicinal herbs: it could easily be found and grew wild. At this time it was also used for its
disinfectant properties, scattered and scrubbed lavender in the floors. Lavender has unique antiseptic,
repairing and soothing properties. It acts against insomnia and cures headaches and stress. It also
relieves allergies, insect bites and skin burns.


(Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla)
Chamomile, German chamomile, is a plant native in Europe and the temperate regions of Asia, has
become naturalized in some regions of America and Australia.
Chamomile has soothing properties on the skin, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, due in part to its
essential oils.