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Honey have been used for centuries in female beauty; Being used by Popea, the wife of the Roman
emperor Nero, to leave her face more smooth and young. And by Ana of England to obtain a brilliant
hair thanks to its conditioning and moisturizing properties. Honey brings great benefits to the skin
thanks to its nutritive, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and healing properties.

Shea butter, an ingredient of universal and irreplaceable beauty, is extracted from a tree that grows
wild in the arid lands of sub-Saharan Africa and mainly in Burkina Faso. From the “butter tree”, this
is how they call this miraculous tree, where shea butter is extracted, a fabulous ingredient that offers
multiple benefits for the skin:
• Protection and nutrition: It acts as a barrier and restores the lipid mantle of the skin. Moisturizes
and comforts the skin from the tightening of the tightness. Protects from the sun, the wind and
extreme weather conditions.
• Calming, and regenerating in cases of skin attacked by the sun, eczema and rashes.
The women and children of Burkina are protected from the wind, the sand and the sun by covering
their faces generously with shea butter. This is how your skin preserves its beauty and elasticity
for a long time.