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(Calendula officinalis)
The Calendula officinalis is a plant native to the Mediterranean sea basin, although it grows already
in gardens around the world. Rich in beta-carotene (provitamin A), it helps restore the natural
balance of the skin. The extract of its flowers, is used in the production of cosmetics for its
regenerating, soothing and softening properties on the skin.

The benefits of topical panthenol were first observed in the United States in the 1950s with a study
conducted in patients with burns and serious injuries at New York University Graduate School of
Medicine. In the study, Drs. Combes and Zuckerman observed that those patients whose wounds
were treated with an ointment containing panthenol at five percent, were cured incredibly faster than
those patients who were not given the same product. This laid the foundation for further
investigation into other valuable uses of panthenol.
D-panthenol or provitamin B5, is very beneficial for the care of the skin and the hair, and is used
in great quantity of cosmetic products. It is absorbed quickly when applied to the skin and converts
into vitamin B5. This vitamin helps to maintain the skin’s natural hydrated state. It is a hygroscopic
substance that moisturises the skin to ensure its natural, supple elasticity.